Current Price List:


     Application fee is $45 

  16'x45'     720 sf     $585 

  18'x45'     810 sf     $650 

   20'x45'     900 sf     $720 


Q:     How long of a lease can I sign?

A:     Leases are drawn up as a month to month contract

Q:     Who pays for the utilities for each unit?

A:     Utilities are metered separately for each unit

Q:     Is there an application or credit check I must fill out to rent a storage condo?

A:     There is an application that you must fill out that checks credit, criminal, employment, and rental history. It is $40 to process.

Q:     When I return from using my RV, boat, etc is there a place that I can clean it out?

A:     There is a garbage dumpster to put all your waste into and you can wash your vehicle outside of your unit.

Q:     Who maintains the grounds and makes repairs to the units?

A:     IMPACT Property Management maintains the grounds and makes all repairs (excluding those caused by the tenant)

Q:     How tall are the garage doors?

A:     The garage doors are 15' tall which can accommodate to any RV or boat!

Q:     Is there enough power to charge my RV?

A:     There are 2 outlets in each unit that are 30 amp. Enough to power up your RV!