Marysville WA Storage

Many of the items we collect or inherit are important to us. The problem arrives when we have no more space in our homes to keep them in. Arlington WA storage exists as a solution for this exact problem. Removing the clutter from your home, and taking your personal belongings to a storage unit is a great way to safely guard your private property. If this is your first time using an Marysville storage facility, Oversize Storage is here to help you along by telling you about a few things you may want to consider.

Things to consider...

• The building’s structure: A well-built, climate controlled building is necessary when selecting a storage facility. A poorly converted storage building (a structure that did not begin as a storage facility but was later converted) can lead to mold and mildew issues, as well as pest problems or flooding. Oversize Storage has always been a storage facility, and we control our climate via heated flooring installed in each storage unit. 

• Security: Every possible preventative measure should be taken in ensuring the safety of your property. As your local Arlington storage facility, we pride ourselves on our outstanding security. Some of the measures we have in place include 24/7 recorded surveillance, gated (keycard only) access, tall security fences, and fire sprinkler systems, with fire extinguishers placed throughout. 

• Accessibility: Easy access from your home is important, which is why Oversize Storage is located right of I-5 for an easy commute. Our facility can be accessed on foot or can be driven into. Just remember your keycard and passcodes! 

• Convenience: Features can make all the difference when choosing a storage facility in Arlington WA. Oversize Storage is at the forefront of convenience with its extras, including garbage service, restrooms, and access to phone and Internet. There are also outlets in every unit and areas to wash your RVs or other vehicles. Our Storage Condos are equipped with 24 hour security cameras and a gated entrance. The drive-through door can be accessed only with a key card, the walk through gate has a code to get in, and the facilities are completely enclosed by fencing. This ensures that only those using the Storage Condos have access.

Don't wait a moment longer to store your valuables and de-clutter your home or garage! Things our customers store often at Oversize Storage include: motorhomes, RVs, boats, cars, trucks, records, and supplies. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we understand that keeping your property safe and secure is our job. If you have any questions, please call us at 425-334-6361 or send us an email through our website.